What the Girls Ate

This page is all about the snacks and lunches that I make for our girls!
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When Lauren started preschool in 2015, packing her snack was my least favorite thing to do.
I found it to be such a tedious job. I never knew what to give her or how much.

When preschool for Lauren (and art class for Olivia), started back up in September 2016, I decided that snack wasn't going to be something I would dread doing every night, it was going to be fun for them to eat and for me to make...if that was possible!
And guess what? It was. I actually enjoy making lunches and snacks for my girls.

At the end of September, I started posting all the snack and lunch pictures on my Mommy, Can I Lick the Spoon? Instagram page to keep track of what I made for them.

 I had a few people mention that they would like to see them on the blog as well, with recipes.
And here they are!

Hunger completely dictates our kids behaviors and moods - if they have food in their bellies, they're happy. If they are hungry...watch out!!
So, when making snack, I ask myself the following:
  • Is it healthy?
  • Does it look fun or exciting?
  • Will Lauren be able to eat it and still have conversations with her friends? She's a chatty kid that usually needs a lot of reminders to eat!
  • Will Olivia eat it? She likes what she likes, and that's it!

Here's a list of some of Lauren and Olivia's favorite snacky foods!

-Homemade muffins or loaves of some kind
-Pinwheels with meat and cheese or jam
-A sandwich with meat and cheese
-Mini pizza

- Melon

-Cucumbers (cut into a shape)
-Carrot sticks

-Tuna Cakes
-Sliced meat
-Meat and Cheese Skewers
-Lean Turkey Pepperoni (once in awhile)
-Hard boiled eggs - still working on this one with the girls!

-Babybel or Laughing Cow - if the girls like them that week!

-Sour Cream
-Homemade cucumber dill dip

For snacks I usually pack 2-3 items (one carb only), and when we go out for the day, I tend to pack more snacks (extra fruits and veggies) and a bigger main dish.

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