Sunday, May 31, 2015

Can't post...gotta run!

Well it's Sunday morning , 6:55 am and my post for today isn't ready.
It's sooo close to being done, but I don't have time to finish it.

Today my family is taking part in the 30th annual BC Children's Hospital ChildRun. We're doing a family friendly 1k walk/run.
All funds raised go towards childhood cancer research and treatment areas at BC Children's Hospital.
We had a family goal to raise $500, and we did it!!

This is not only Lauren's first run, but also Dave and Olivia's (she's riding in the stroller). And my first run with the whole family!
Last night before bed, Lauren had the biggest smile on her face and then told me that she was 'real, real excited to give money to help the sick kids'.

I don't usually leave my posts to the last minute, but this week was pretty busy as we had company visiting from out of town.
But check back next Sunday to see what the girls and I made for our visitors!

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