Monday, March 30, 2015

Penguin Party

Sticking with the "Olivia's Penguin/Winter Onderland Birthday" theme posts, here is the cake that I made for her birthday party.

This is the first star tip cake (is that what it's called?) I've done. I've always thought that cakes done with this tip were a little dated/80's. When it was all done, I was quite surprised at how cute it was - I kinda want to make a bigger, more elaborate one now!  Not only was it cute, it was also yummy, and Olivia loved it!

Honestly, she loved it!

For the template, I used a copy of her pajama shirt.

The inspiration!

The penguin template I made was a tiny bit too big for the cake, but I made it was almost midnight and there was no way I was going to mess around re-sizing it!

Now I know it's not perfect, the buttercream isn't smooth - that's an art that I'm working on perfecting. I told Dave that I had done it that way on purpose to represent snow know, penguins, snow, He didn't buy it either.
Anyways, there was also a slight problem with her beak - it had to be removed and fixed, but overall, I'm happy with the penguin!

Here's the cake I made for her birthday and these are the cupcakes we had along with the penguin cake at her birthday party.

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  1. Oh my that is so adorable. Great job. Olivia is a very lucky little girl. And you are so lucky to have such a beautiful cake stand.