Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Birthday!

When Olivia's first birthday was approaching I decided that she needed 2 cakes - one for her actual birthday and one for her party.
I tried to tell myself that the reason I was making two cakes was because her birthday and her party were almost two weeks apart. And because you only turn 1 once...but in reality, I just wanted to make two cakes!

This was the cake I made for her the day she turned one.

Happy 1st Birthday!

I wanted the cake to have rustic/vintage kind of feel to it.
I made a 6 inch, double layer cake filled with pastry cream and decorated with pale pink buttercream and white buttercream rosettes and a shell border.
I made a little "ONE" banner as well, because I thought it was cute and added to the rustic-ness of the cake. It also added a little hipster charm to it - because let's be honest, our kids are little hipsters. 

All lit up!
Here comes Lauren...
Toddler approved!
Lauren liked it too!

*Olivia's birthday party cake and cupcakes will be posted soon!

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  1. Great job, the love the cake but i am in love with the banner you made. Very clever