Monday, March 30, 2015

Penguin Party

Sticking with the "Olivia's Penguin/Winter Onderland Birthday" theme posts, here is the cake that I made for her birthday party.

This is the first star tip cake (is that what it's called?) I've done. I've always thought that cakes done with this tip were a little dated/80's. When it was all done, I was quite surprised at how cute it was - I kinda want to make a bigger, more elaborate one now!  Not only was it cute, it was also yummy, and Olivia loved it!

Honestly, she loved it!

For the template, I used a copy of her pajama shirt.

The inspiration!

The penguin template I made was a tiny bit too big for the cake, but I made it was almost midnight and there was no way I was going to mess around re-sizing it!

Now I know it's not perfect, the buttercream isn't smooth - that's an art that I'm working on perfecting. I told Dave that I had done it that way on purpose to represent snow know, penguins, snow, He didn't buy it either.
Anyways, there was also a slight problem with her beak - it had to be removed and fixed, but overall, I'm happy with the penguin!

Here's the cake I made for her birthday and these are the cupcakes we had along with the penguin cake at her birthday party.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Birthday parties...I LOVE them! Especially when they're for my own kids.
Yep, I'm that mom that spends months planning the
party - party boards on Pinterest, white boards at home, and many lists!
And yes, I know that at my kids ages, the party is more for me than them, and I'm totally ok with that!

For Olivia's first birthday party we did a penguin/winter "one"derland theme, and in true birthday party fashion, I was up until around 2 am decorating the house with penguins and snowflakes as well as baking & decorating snowflake cupcakes and the cutest penguin cake (which will have it's own post soon).

It's serious business eating a cupcake!
The cupcakes were simple, except for the snowflake on top which of course I thought would be easy. It's not that it was hard, it was just time consuming and to be honest, a little bit annoying.
For the snowflake I used white chocolate candy cane melts and piped them into snowflakes. I started out by piping them onto parchment paper with a snowflake template underneath. It was kind of a hassle so I ditched the template and ended up free handing them. I think I made 35-40 and picked the best ones to use.
Thinking about it now, I probably should've let the candy melts harden a little bit and maybe they would've been easier to work with...oh well.

The cupcakes!
The birthday girl!
And I'm happy to say that the blue icing didn't even stain her dress!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Birthday!

When Olivia's first birthday was approaching I decided that she needed 2 cakes - one for her actual birthday and one for her party.
I tried to tell myself that the reason I was making two cakes was because her birthday and her party were almost two weeks apart. And because you only turn 1 once...but in reality, I just wanted to make two cakes!

This was the cake I made for her the day she turned one.

Happy 1st Birthday!

I wanted the cake to have rustic/vintage kind of feel to it.
I made a 6 inch, double layer cake filled with pastry cream and decorated with pale pink buttercream and white buttercream rosettes and a shell border.
I made a little "ONE" banner as well, because I thought it was cute and added to the rustic-ness of the cake. It also added a little hipster charm to it - because let's be honest, our kids are little hipsters. 

All lit up!
Here comes Lauren...
Toddler approved!
Lauren liked it too!

*Olivia's birthday party cake and cupcakes will be posted soon!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fondant Duplo Cake

The final project for my fondant and gum paste class was to make a cake and decorate it however we wanted.
There were no upcoming events that I needed to make a cake for since Olivia had already turned one and her party was the week prior to doing this cake, so Dave and I spent the better part of a week trying to decide what to do.

I'm not sure whether we decided on this because of the girls love for it, or the fact that we feel as though it's a part of us, as it's permanently embedded in our feet, but we had the perfect idea...A Duplo cake!

At the time it seemed like a relatively easy thing to do - cut out some fondant rectangles, stick them on, and add the little knobs on top. Simple right?
Well...not so much...

There was actually a lot of planning that had to go into it and since I don't do math and measurements, Dave needed to do all that. And he did.
The math & science part
Once he was done, we started cutting out the pieces and attempting to stick them on.
The fondant was stretchy and sticky and hard to work with. After about an hour and a half  of cutting strips and sticking them on, we called it a night.
There was a small part of me that wanted to leave it as it was, but the bigger, more stubborn part of me was determined to finish it.

The next night after everyone was asleep (this is when I do most of my work and get the most accomplished), I started working on it again. I put in another hour and half or so. All that was left was the 100+ knobs to put on the top pieces...that seemed like a tedious task that could wait one more day.

So after about 4-5 hours of work - spread out over 3 days, my Duplo masterpiece  cake was done!

And there it is in all its first fondant cake!

And yes, there is a random orange Duplo in there, simply because somewhere along the way I didn't follow the plan that Dave made and the sizing/layout was off and I didn't want two colors beside each other...Sorry Dave!
So many knobs...

And FYI, cutting out and placing all the knobs was tedious!