Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rose Cake

Today marks my first official post!
To honour that, I wanted to post a birthday cake I made for Dave. It was the first cake I made after deciding that it was time to get back doing something that I had once enjoyed so much...baking!

I had been wanting to try out a decorating technique that I'd seen all over Pinterest and YouTube called a rose (or rosette or 1M swirl) cake. So, for Dave's birthday that's what I did.

Lauren chose the colors, obviously!

At the time I made it, I was happy with it. Now I look at it and see all of it's flaws. But overall, I think it was a good first attempt considering I quickly decorated it while Lauren and Olivia were eating lunch.

It wasn't the most "manly" (or well decorated) cake, but hey, cake is cake! Dave agreed!

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